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The bureau and its affiliates may Monitor, Review, but not obliged to, any Postings, Chats, Discussions, Transmissions, Feedback, Bulletin Boards, User and Member Generated Pages etc, on the site As you are aware that we do not control the information available at the chat rooms, on bulletin boards, other user and member generated pages. Similarly the bureau does not have any responsibility for Advices, Suggestions, Opinions, Statements, Services, Content, or other information presented, disseminated by any means. We reserve the right of Sole Discretion, to Edit Pages, Content, Bulletin Boards, Deny Reply or delete any material submitted to or posted on the chat rooms, or on any other user or member generated pages.

Voluntarily disclosure of personal information including User Name, Email Address on a Bulletin Board, Chat Room, User or member generated pages, may easily be collected and used by any others and that will lead to unsolicited messages.

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